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Unfortunately, the reality is more fuzzy. As much as we like making sense of phenomena and applying frameworks, we must remember that users are people. As such, they make decisions steered by logic and emotions. As we saw above, many designers get confused at the difference between usability and the larger branch of user experience. Core areas of the user experience include Usability, :. Naturally, the usability of a design is important.

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However, we need to consider usability alongside these other concerns to create a great user experience. The UX comes as much from graphical design, interactive design, content, etc. Usability refers to how easily a user interacts with a website or product. It comes under the heading of UX design, but is not the whole story of user experience design. In usability, we designers have to focus on three aspects in particular:.

We should analyze our web design when determining usability, taking into account everything from accessibility and usefulness of content to credibility and designing content users will enjoy.

On its Independence Day, 28 reasons the world wants to go on holiday to Croatia

That means thinking ahead. Who are your users? Might they have trouble reading your text?

Can you make them smile or laugh by adopting a fun tone e. Users will want to feel reassured that they are navigating securely. Make them feel so. You also should consider the realities of the web.

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Finding a reliable server for your site that loads quickly is crucial. Visual factors, including layout colors and content formatting are important, too. Having a good-looking site is all very well, but can users navigate easily? Finally, test, test, and test.

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  5. A plethora of website usability tools exist. Never underestimate the value of testing from an early stage. Leavitt, M.

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    Bevan, N. Croatia has been a member of the EU since but kept its currency, the kuna. So while the pound has suffered a massive slump against the dollar and the euro, the outlook isn't quite so alarming for UK visitors to the country.

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    6. Even in popular tourist destinations you can still find good value. Good value hotels are ubiquitous, as are cheap holiday apartments. Stay at Apartments Salvezani, right in the centre of the Unesco World Heritage Site, and be sure to visit hip Uje, a restaurant and wine bar that also lies within the old palace boundaries. Time your visit to the city to coincide with its annual film festival held in July, next week, as it stands , which features screenings inside the ruin, or look out for one of its regular musical concerts. Croatia is all about picturesque pebbled beaches, lapped by crystal clear water.

      Zlatni Rat is the best known, and adorns just about every travel brochure, so expect crowds, but there are gorgeous hidden spots on the mainland, such as Nugal, just south of Makarska. Croatia has eight national parks, including the Unesco-listed Plitvice Lakes and Krka, both of which are famous for their stunning lakes and waterfalls. The city is bursting at the seams with fabulous cafes — the residents take their coffee drinking very seriously indeed. The Museum of Broken Relationships, also in Zagreb, features seemingly mundane and insignificant objects accompanied by captions that explain their relevance in a failed relationship.

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      To reach the island, take your hire car on the Jadrolinija ferry from Split or Makarska, and be sure to explore the interior, home to dozens of abandoned villages. Croatia hosts numerous open-air cultural festivals during the summer, the best known being the Dubrovnik Summer Festival dubrovnik-festival.

      Tiny Motovun, a hilltop village in Istria, hosts a film festival each year, with parties held within its medieval walls each night motovunfilmfestival. There are also plenty of contemporary music festivals. Some of the biggest are the Love International Festival loveinternationalfestival.

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      Hvar Town and Rab Town are the best places to go if you love to stay out late. It is a fascinating part of the continent with rich stories and deep histories. Jane Foster recommends Zadar, in North Dalmatia, which contains a lovely old town and is home to several Romanesque churches, plus the quirky Sea Organ, which produces music powered by the waves; and Varazdin, with its 18th-century Baroque architecture and an annual Baroque music festival.

      Or so claim tourist officials in Korcula, much to the annoyance of their Venetian counterparts.

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      Keep your eyes peeled off the west coast of Istria and you might just see a pod of dolphins. Hugh Morris adds: "Croatia has a remarkable modern history, starkly evidenced by some of the shrapnel damage still visible on some of the centuries-old buildings, churches and walls of Dubrovnik, beseiged by the Yugoslav army for eight months in A memorial room just inside the city walls to those who gave their lives in defence of their home is a sobering reminder that country's hard-fought independence is only 27 years old.

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      The crowds can be unbearable in peak season, but what do you expect of a city that is so eternally enchanting? For the best experience, venture to the old town in the early evening to miss the worst of the crush, walk the city walls just before they close at 7pm, then treat yourself to the set menu at Proto, which dates back to and once welcomed Edwards VIII and Wallis Simpson. Afterwards, get lost in the backstreets en route to Buza, a ramshackle bar that overlooks the sea. Almost completely obscured from the view of passing boats, Stiniva beach on the Croatian island of Vis has something of the James Bond villain lair about it - and was recently named among the best in Europe by a Brussels-based tourism organisation.