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The Big Ride for EB Currently in Eureka, Kansas. The bicycle of the and The Big Ride for EB. The best bicycle in the history of the world. Please take a few moments to visit all the pages on our website. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! The Big Ride for EB! Shortly after completing the day, 8, mile solo and self supported cross country and BACK bicycle journey on Nov. Article from Times Union-. Albany, NY — June 15, August 9, Video by CBS 6. Albany,NY -. Discover routes Find a great route, and customize it with our route planner. Enjoy your ride Stay on course, record your journey, and organize your photos with our mobile app.

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  4. The List of Possibilities (A Series of Lists Book 2).

Inspire others Create a Ride Report to share your journey with friends and family. Learn More About Features. Get Inspired, Not Lost. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Ride with GPS is best with Facebook. You'll get quick one-click sign in and be able to easily share your rides with your friends.

Sign up with Facebook But, if you'd still rather sign-up without it, no problem. Just tell us a little about yourself: Your display name. Always ride at a conversational pace — no heavy breathing. Imagine that you have a book of matches, and imagine that every time you ride harder on a climb, catching a group, pulling into the wind, etc.

Any long ride can be a little intimidating. Just focus on riding to the next rest stop. In longer rides a roadie feels great with fresh legs for the first part of the ride. Then the roadie smells the barn. Is the problem one you can fix? Can you improvise a solution? Hopefully, the only things that will start to hurt are your legs.

If something else starts to hurt, do you have a remedy? For example, lube for your chafing or irritation?

If you have a remedy, then stop and take care of the problem. The stop will take time but will save time in the long run. Talk with fellow riders, sing your favorite songs, focus on the scenery, anything to take your mind off the painful sensations. I sent the rider a draft of this column last Friday. He finished in , including off the bike.

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  • The eArticle is a workbook with 16 sections to teach you different techniques. Click to read John's full bio. Here is a mental hack I learned from my first long 68 mi ride of the season and it is a more granular version of breaking it onto bits. My legs felt tight at the start and I immediately had the usual concerns about being able to finish. The result of that was instead of focusing on how many miles I had left and how lousy I was feeling, all I had to do was ride the 1.

    I literally rode the entire ride from one turn to the next. Like John M, I keep my Garmin on map view.

    The two bits of info I keep visible on that screen are speed and distance to next turn.